How do I trigger a DSLR Camera with a RAMPS 1.4 board used for 3D printers?


I would like to trigger my DSLR using a RAMPS 1.4. I am not using Marlin or anything like that. I wrote my own code to run 2 steppers and the display. That stuff works fine.

Now I would like to add a DSLR trigger function. Basically 2 wires on my DSLR need to be connected for it to take a picture. Does the RAMPS 1.4 have such a function build in somehow? How can I do this the easiest way? I was thinking about an external relay, but that needs a power supply to run.

Try this

Thank you. But if anyone knows how to do it with the oboard features of the RAMPS 1.4, that would be better.