How do I use a Grove LCD RGB Backlight display???

Okay so first of all I am new to this arduino thing but I need to program a display and I can't find any guides for it. I can only find guides for another display that looks like it but it is a bit different. I got an arduino uno and a shield with lots of inputs, 1 row of analog, 2 rows of digital and a 3rd rod as something called 12C.

this is the display: this is the shield:

Okay so I need to know how to start programming and I need to make it change between different number. I need it to count basically. from like 30, 31, 32, 33, and so on with the correct delay between each number.

I really need help with this and I an in a hurry. Please if anyone who reads this would know anything about this, please reply to the topic!!!

You don't need the shield, it only complicates things. The display communicates via I2C which is a serial protocol. The display has connections Vcc, gnd, SDA and SCL. Those connect to Vcc (5V), gnd, analog in 4 (SDA) and analog in 5 (SCL) on the Uno. The LCD link you provided has the code and examples for downloading.

There is just the problem that the display only has one way to connect as far as I can see. It has a cable that can connect to the shield and the other installation pics and the stuff yo are talking about are not matching the display.
The display I got does not have to same way to connect as this one provided here.

The only way I can see this display can connect is via this connector thingy

If you have the cable to connect to the shield, then that is the way to go. It looks pretty straight forward.

Well I'd wish I could see how straight forward it was but I don't. I don't really know how to do this so if you do please share your knowledge because i can't get the code in the "hello world" thing to work on this.

Would you post the code you are using? And a picture of how everything is connected? Please not a huge picture.1000 pixels wide is fine. Also, if you have errors in compiling please show them.