how do i use a single value to set mutable values in the scope?

Is it possible to set multiple value in the scope using just one for reference? Like what im trying to do in the example below.


int number_Pixels = 30;   // number of neopixels in strip

int RedPix[number_Pixels] = {};  //set the number of values for red LEDs in strip
int GreenPix[number_Pixels]={};  //set the number of values for green LEDs in strip
int BluePix[number_Pixels]={};   //set the number of values for blue LEDs in strip 

void setup() {

void loop() {
const int number_Pixels = 30;

lol i was going try that but thought, why would a const int work any better! :slight_smile:

thanks dude

Because the compiler knows its constant, otherwise it could be changed by other modules
you've linked against. The linker checks const too I believe.