How do I use a Ventus W174 Rain Gauge with Arduino

I am setting up a Weather Station project and am looking at using a Ventus W174 Rain Gauge. Sadly, I can't find any technical information on this device, no datasheet, no circuitry, no nothing. Can someone help? Does someone have a datasheet? Has someone used this device with an Arduino ICB and can offer advice/circuitry? Perhaps someone can suggest an alternative digital rain gauge, but this is the one which comes up in a Google search.


The manual for the base unit talks about installing batteries in the rain sensor and needing line of sight so presumably it's wireless and most likely uses some proprietary protocol.

You could gut the electronics and install you own for less than $10.
All it has to do is read the state of a switch and periodically send the count to the base station.
It would be a good project for learning about low power systems.

This sensor replaces other 433Mhz sensors, like the W155.

Lots of info about the 'other' identical sensors online, and even on this site.

Spend an hour with Google, and you know lots more.

Try and avoid wireless rain guages as you will have to decode the data protocol which can be difficult.
Look for a simple totally mechanical rain guage that simply provides a pulse out for every tip of the bucket, and also provides a calibration for how many mm of rain 1 bucket tip is equal to.