How do I use H-Bridge

Hi, I have been thinking about it for a while now...and i reallly need to use the h-bridge to drive a 12volt stepper motor

and i was wondering how this would be done?

Anyone know of any good tutorials for this H-Bridge? :

H-drives are for single winding DC motors, not stepping motors. Stepping motors have multiwinding and are usually controlled by proper sequencing of digital outputs with current drivers. A stepper motor controller is a different animal then a H-drive motor controller.


Bipolar stepper can be driven with an h-bridge. I've done it. Here is how to do it:

We are talking about semantics here. You can't control a stepper motor with a single h-bridge, you need more than one. The L293D used in the link in reply #2 has two h-bridges in a single package.


is it hard to drive a stepper motor with an h-bridge?....are there any other required parts?

The sparkfun link you provided shows two available stepper motor drivers. The below link has some pololu products. Other vendors have similar offerings. The L298 data sheet may have some info of interest.

is it hard to drive a stepper motor with an h-bridge?.

It's not hard but you have to get the arduino to generate the sequence of on / off to each of the two coils of the motor. and Show you about H-bridges and stepping motors.