how do I use LCD 2x8 with arduino UNO

how do I use LCD 2x8 with arduino UNO?
I've tried several toturials but didn't work
please help

First, read the first post on this forum, think about what it says there, then re-post your question providing the information that post suggests.

efrat, just ignore some comments on here, people dont seem to have the time to help newbies out much but love to discuss how much they know more than each other and they express this in in depth posts on here. There is a lot of smart people on here who do help but most of the time you will get a snotty reply, well thats my personal experience and not to offend anyone!

You obviously need help using the LCD, what are you struggling with? connecting the pins or code?

I have not long got over the hurdle of hooking the lcd and compiling the sketch so I will help as much as my knowledge will let me.

Any links to what you have been going by and before I get a huge amount of abuse for the above, he just needs help and not pushed away.

I don't want to sound snotty, but the original post was light on details.

How to use this forum

What LCDs? (part number)

What tutorials? (links)

In what way didn't they work? (compile error, or something else?)

Hooking up a 2 x 8 LCD was one of my first Arduino projects, I found the walk-through on the Adafruit site very helpful.

(OK maybe it was 2 x 16, but the idea is the same).