How do I use the Elegoo car kit V 4.0?

Hi, I am really new to Arduino, and in order to start my journey in learning to use it, I have bought a Elegoo car kit v 4.0 .

I am having a lot of difficulties understanding how to make it move, since the guide given with the kit is really shallow, and most of all, the code provided does not work.

Moreover, I have found on Youtube a tutorial on how to use the v 3.0 kit, but apparently the newest version v 4.0 is totally different.

So, I am writing to ask if someone can help me finding a guide to start working with it, otherwise I am genually lost.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

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Where can the software for the car be found and downloaded ?

I have found it on the Elegoo website, but as I said in the question, it does not work, since it gives a lot of errors.

Please provide a link to the software

it can be downloaded here. Moreover, I would like to write the code by myself, but I don't understand which are the right pins.

What exactly do you mean by this ?
Does it compile ?
I assume that there is a 'phone app to go with it

yes, I mean that it does not compile. The main problem found so far is that I cannot import the libraries, since it says to me that they are not present. I have tried to find the way to download them, but I can't find them online.

The required libraries appear to be in the 01 ReadMeFirst/CopyMeFirst folder of the Elegoo file named ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit V4.0 2021.05.08

Did you read and follow the instructions in the ReadMeFirst PDF files ?

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I didn't notice this, I went directly to the tutorial. I will try, thank you very much!

The clue was in the name of the ReadMeFirst files

Sorry if I write again, but I have followed all the instructions, but I can't make it work yet. In particular, when I run the code in:

\02 Manual & Main Code & APP\SmartRobotCarV4.0\SmartRobotCarV4.0.ino

I get the error:

SmartRobotCarV4.0_V1_20201229:10:10: fatal error: ApplicationFunctionSet_xxx0.h: No such file or directory
#include "ApplicationFunctionSet_xxx0.h"
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
ApplicationFunctionSet_xxx0.h: No such file or directory

thanks in advance.

When you are compiling SmartRobotCarV4.0_V1_20201229.ino how many tabs do you see in the IDE ?

only one, this is what I see:

In the folder where you found SmartRobotCarV4.0_V1_20201229.ino you will see a whole load of other files. They need to be in the same folder as SmartRobotCarV4.0_V1_20201229.ino when you compile it

Do I need to add it to the Arduino path?

Just copy all of the files into the same folder as SmartRobotCarV4.0_V1_20201229.ino and open the .ino again in the IDE

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Yes it works! Thank you very much!!

That's good

Do you understand why it needed all of the files ?

Not really, but I guess there is some kind of cascade of operations to be followed in order to run the code.