How do I wire an S108T02 for use with Uno?

I picked the thing up before doing a lot of research apparently because now I’m having trouble finding any examples of it being used anywhere and I can’t figure out of it will work on it’s own or if I need to assemble some sort of circuit around it. The only thing I’ve found using it is here: and that seems to have a handful of other components. The data sheet describes a “snubber” circuit and I’m pretty new to this stuff so any tips or advice on wiring this sucker up would be super helpful.

My project is to compare two thermocouples (master and slave) and then use this SSR to control a small space heater to keep the slave thermocouple at the same temp as the master thermocouple. The thermocouples are all set so I just need to figure out this SSR.

Space heaters pull a lot of current, far more then a lamp.

See if you can figure out the current rating of the heater, and the current rating of that S108T02, if the heater is going to pull more then the S108T02 is rated for you can't do it. If there about equal I still wouldn't use the space heater on the S108T02 because continuously drawing its max rated current gives absolutely no tolerance for random spikes and can lead to thermal run away and failure.

As far as wiring there was a pretty easy to see picture in that link, control side looked to need Vcc(5V?), GND, and a control voltage from a pin. The other side is just like a series switch wiring.

I didn't read the whole thing, someone else might say different.