How do I wire bidirectional switch to a DC motor (that has an extra direction wire)

Hi all,

I'm trying to rebuild a prototype braiding machine which has an Arduino driving a number of servos + a central DC motor gear. The original DC motor was not encoded (2 wires only), so it could be directionally controlled to a bidirectional switch directly hooked up to the power supply (was not connected to Arduino wiring).

The replacement DC motor I have has 5 wires (spec sheet here), and I'm trying to figure out the logic of how to connect the motor to the switch with the extra directional wire. If I hook up VCC and GND to the switch, that will only drive the motor in one direction. I don't need to control speed (only direction) so the wiring should stay separate from the Arduino components.

Rough sketch of wiring

How can I also get it to reverse with the switch?

Any help would be appreciated!

Here's a bonus photo of one previous iteration of this machine

But you'll have to turn it on/off I suppose?

The motor has a built-in H-bridge. For direction change you switch the CW/CCW wire lo/hi. For run/stop you can either switch motor power on/off or switch PWM control hi/lo.

You can have full left/stop/right control with a Double Pole Triple Throw (DP3T) switch.

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