How do you connect sensors?

I've been tasked with possibly incorporating this sensor into my team's robot:

I'm totally new to the hardware side of Audrino, and I've got no idea how to go about learning the basics.
How do you figure out how to connect something? Which labels correspond to which types of pins on my Uno?
All of the tutorials that I've seen glaze over the details of how they know which pins and contacts to connect.

I'm completely lost, a little guidance would mean the world to me.


The connections are standard !2C. 5V to Arduinpo 5v, gnd to Arduino gnd, SCl to A5 (on a Uno, You don't say what you have) and sda to A4. Check the examples in the library for how to use.

Thanks for the quick response!

That little bit was all I needed to find tons of relevant tutorials on Google.
Awesome! Thanks.