how do you connect the 2.8 Inch TFT SPI Serial

here is the display

is there any library to connect it to arduino with wiring diagram ?

You connect VCC to 5V because it has an onboard 3.3V LDO regulator.
However the SPI signals and control signals must all be 3.3V

Bodmer has TFT_ILI9341 library for AVRs
And a TFT_eSPI library for Expressif ESP32, ESP8266

His site shows how to connect a 3.3V display to a 5V GPIO board like Uno, Mega
Life is much simpler with a proper 3.3V GPIO board like Zero, M0, Due, STM32, Teensy3.x, ESP8266, ...

Oh, there are several libraries for SPI ILI9341. Just get your hardware wired correctly first.


thanks I have seen a lot of new arduino on ebay which do not come with regular connectors but they are half size and you actually can make the project half the size

What do you mean?

The traditional Uno, Mega, Zero, Due, ... all have Arduino header sockets to receive standard shields. Mega and Due can also receive shields with extra legs.

MKR boards have a smaller format. And can receive MKR shields.

Breadboard style Arduinos like Nano and Micro can fit breadboards.

There is not much point in using a miniaturised board with a large display shield.
And a miniaturised board that requires external level shifters or other electronics takes more space than a shield that is mated with regular sockets.

All the same. Punters like to use cheap Ebay modules that are not necessarily designed for Arduino.
Do not believe Ebay vendors that claim "Arduino". Check the products for yourself.

Life is much easier with 3.3V boards like Zero, Due, ... You do not need to worry about level shifters.


what I mean check this board it is like half the size

I only need nice small tft to connect

You still have to connect all the level shifters. You have got a horrible 5V system.

I would guess that 2.4" TFT is a convenient size for you. Matches a Uno in size and shape.
Your 2.8" SPI screen is much bigger than the Uno. Similar to the size and shape of a Mega / Due.

Why don't you use your M0 board ?
It has a Uno footprint.
It has 256kB (or is it 512kB?) of Flash.
You don't need to mess about with level shifters.

If you want a dinky screen. Look at the 1.3" 240x240 SPI ST7789. This is 100% 3.3V.