How do you deal with your projects/ideas?


I usually read this forum because I'm an Arduino user/coder, but this time I would like your help for one of my projects which is very indirectly related to Arduino's projects.

I'm currently working on my startup project which is about "projects"... So, I am conducting a survey on how people manage their very own projects or ideas (Arduino's and others) in order to know if they successfully complete them or if there are recurring barriers etc. This will help me determine if the tool on which I have been working for months can really help people as I suppose, and if I should keep working on it or switch to something else.

Unfortunately, I really need more answers to get relevant statistics, and obviously people on this forum do have projects, so this is a great place to ask questions about this topic.

I know my survey is not really fun to answer, but it is hard to ask questions without telling too much about the project in order to avoid influencing the contributors answers. However, in order to avoid irrelevant questions and making you lose your time, the questions will dynamically change depending upon your previous responses (So it can last 1 minute or 10).

If you are interested in this survey you can take it here.

Finally, if you are interested by the results, please let me know by posting a comment and I will gladly share with you once the survey is done.

Thanks to all.