How do you determine Max Rate $110=?? GRBL

This is kind of crazy to try and figure out what your Max Rate is for say $110 , the motor make a high pith sound and then jams or bogs out so you keep trying ,I got up to 7000 and still bogged out when my setting for my X - axis $100 is 8128 mm or 320 " ( inches) so this dance with trying to get the machine to run without problems must have a solution that i’m not seeing .I’ve look all of the web and come up empty .Perhaps there is a guru in this form that can tell me what I’m missing .

Thank you.:slight_smile:

See attachment:-

Installation & Troubleshooting
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$100 to $122 do seem like black magic incantations but there is lots of GRBL help out on the web.

First off you need the EXACT specifications for you stepper motor.
Second you need to know the PITCH of your lead-screws ( or pulley belt ratios )

Those are your key factors.

$100-102 are the most important as they will match the motor steps to the travel on your machine to allow you to get the measurements correct so that when you tell it to move 10 mm it does just that.

$110-112 set the max speed at which the motor will operate
Better to set those to around 100 initially and ramp up equally once you have the travel steps set correctly.

$120-122 set the acceleration factor for the motors and this to is often better initially set to something low such as 5 and as for the max speed also ramped up slowly and equally.

Dont go thinking that adding 50 or 100 etc to all the parameters will help as quite often that simply takes you into areas too fast for the motors.

In the case of mismatched motors some numbers will be different from others in the respective sections too.
Will assume they all match as you provided zero details in that regard.

Certainly 7000 seems quite excessive for any field.
These are the defaults

High pitched noise would seem to indicate you need to lower $110-122.


If 300 mm/min (about 12 inches) don't work, you probably have motor control problems.
300 mm/min * 320 steps/mm = 96000 steps/min / 60 = 1600 steps/second. Should be OK, will motors run if uncoupled from axis?

One more time, :slight_smile: what is your lead screw pitch, steps per motor revolution and micro step setting?