How do you guys organize?


I have a piano type tool box thing to organize my components, but where do you guys keep your breadboard wires? I'm using a small ziplock sandwich bag at the moment and its starting to deteriorate.

I have some shelf bins normally used for screws and whatnot for components, some large bins for larger junk. Loose project wire usually ends up in a baggie in one of the large bins, breadboard wire ends up back in the box it came in, or for the long wires in a old hard candy container similar to something you would get oatmeal out of

Wires are in a small cardboard box with a folding lid; pack of jeweller's screwdrivers and pliers / cutters in similar box, that my blackberry came in; small components are in plastic medicine containers- seven people in the house, we get through a huge number of such containers!; Uno and shields currently in service on the Magician chassis.

Right now I would hesitiate to use the word organized though... Timely advice!

medicine containers! thats a good idea.

Very, very badly.

I live in a one room condominimum and it takes some conviction to set up a ‘working space’. I invested in an array of lidded plastic-boxes of different size. They are stackable and transparent so I can look into 'em from the outside … that spares some messing around. Both ends of my room is concealed by curtains. They cover my ‘raised on edge bed’, my books, some clothing and a lot of junk … they’r a strike of genius as it helps keeping my head clear and somewhat out of reach from a potential giant mess. My latest adaptation is to move my ‘work-space’ away from my table … or rather, I’ve raised the level of the table (stacking plastic-boxes), and now spent the time standing instead of sitting! /That/ does wonders to my back, and at night I really feel exhausted and ready for a jump into the sack (try standing for 8 hours and you’ll see what I mean).

Aw man, I know how you feel. I stand for 8 hours for my job. Its so nice to sit down afterwards.