How do you guys promote your Arduino kickstarter projects

As you guys may know I have recently put up a kickstarter project for an Arduino Mega Clone called the MegaCube and I'm an engineer not a marketing guru. How do you guys go about spreading the world of your projects and boost awareness to get it noticed by the Arduino and maker Communities?

I just post them here, with links to my website. No kickstarter funding needed.
Folks find my cards here, or thru google searches to my website.

you can send the “well known shops” free samples and hope they notice …

I am not sure with your kickstarter project why you need so much money.

Crossroads or similar makes this sort of gear as a matter of course.

I have a current commercial project which i am considering asking someone here to design.

Budget for prototype which works is currently under 100 uk.

From what i have learned a production prototype should be less than 1000 excluding ce and federal testing.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Let me address a few of the items I can. The amount of money is based on commercial pricing of producing 1000 boards fully assembled, prongrammed, and tested in the us. The 3 boards, the MEGACube, the BOSS, and the EBOSS cost $46,000 turn key assembly with a board house in the USA for 1000 unit QTY of each board. (so a total of 3000) boards. Kickstarter takes 5% off the top and Amazon Payment systems (have to use them with kickstarter) takes 5% so that is 10% on top of that. Add shipping and handling, paying the marketing guy, the web guy to make things and there is the 56K price tag. That literately puts $1 in profit off of each(set of 3 board sold) in my pocket. (I'm not making them for the profit!)

I"m making them because I saw a niche for them and wanted to produce them and I've been using the MegaCube in my own projects for 4 years. I design electronics for the defense industry and small stuff like this isn't the key market I work in everyday. When I'm not at work I'm probably like a lot of you and tinker with my 3D printer, Robotics, and various other electronics projects and that is why I made the MegaCube. For the love of Arduino not profit.

My “Mega-DIP” breakout boards are in. Got a stencil, will see if I can put one together this weekend, or will find out the pitch is too fine for us.

looks good,
miss the name in the silk, could be on the backside

Atmel asked me to write a guest blog on their social media about the MegaCube. Check out the blog and if your interested help support our kickstarter. We are looking to product 1000 MegaCubes!

Atmel Blog