How do you power your projects?

Hi everyone,

currently I have to use two 6V 2A and two 12V 2A power supplies for my project, but I needed the PSUs for other stuff and I don't think it should be necessary using more than one power supply in a project, right?

Since the requirement for V/A are different most of the time, I would have to buy a bunch of fitting laptop power supplies or something like that for every new project - this seems wrong to me.

I assume that I would need a PSU with at least 12V and 8A (don't know if there is something smaller than a PC PSU that could supply that much) and then add some voltage dividers or buck converters, but I just found those terms and have no experience with this stuff, so for me, it might not be the safest way to do it.

What would you do and how do you power your projects? Do you use a lab power supply or are those only for testing and not for "everyday" use with a project?

Some of my semi-permanent Nano and WeMos projects are powered by a 5volt phone charger with USB lead plugged into the USB socket.

I as well use phone chargers a lot. And if I design a PCB including mains I use something like a HLK-PM01 or something. And if the project also needs more amps (led strips, heaters or something) then it's just up to the project what I'll grab. But for small projects a 3W supply is plenty most of the time.

Thanks for your suggestions!

My old phone chargers have <= 0,5 A, so that won’t do unfortunately.
The HLK-PM01 also seems to only supply 600mA.

So I think I’m back to buying notebook or phone chargers.

What on earth do you try to power then?

My old phone chargers have <= 0,5 A, so that won’t do unfortunately.

Can’t push more than 500mA through USB anyway.
An Uno/Mega has a 500mA polyfuse, and a Nano has a <=500mA diode in series with USB power.

Power was fed to a bunch of solenoids connected to motor drivers that were powered by the notebook power supplies that I need to replace. The arduino was only switching them on and off, not delivering power.

Ah, yeah. THAT is not the average project :wink: