How do you program a TFT LCD touchscreen?

Hey, I have a school assessment where i need to program an Ardunio board, in this case it is a mega 2560. what i want to do is set up an alarm type system that gets set off with float switches and when the temperature drops or rises to a certain temp. I would like to display the temperature and control the alarm using the touchscreen. only thing is i don't know where to start with the programming. i do have ardublock if that helps. Another more basic thing i would like to do is turn the screen on and off using a button. I'm hoping this will lead me into a more advanced setup for the future to be able to sell commercially.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Part list: (All parts have already been purchased)

Mega 2560
2x vertical float switches
Small speaker

Did the Vendor provide a library for the TFT? If so, what is it called?
Do all the examples work?

Looking at the photos of the pcb, it has an unusual wiring scheme.

Your project is quite possible. You will need to do a lot of learning.


I haven't received a library, the product hasn't arrived yet either.

Where do we start?

Look at this thread

Ok so i have contacted the seller, there is no library. I'm going to need a step by step process because i actually i have no clue what i'm doing or understanding anything.

All the screen needs to do is activate 2 different float switches and turn off an alarm whilst displaying the temperature

Also Turning the screen off and on with a button