How do you program Arduino for the MPU6050 accelerometer/sensors in general?

I've looked at the data sheet for this sensor (and other sensors) but usually data sheets will include the hardware implementation and accompanying circuit diagrams -- omitting code. Is it incumbent on the manufacturer/designer of the sensor to provide information on how to use it?

This is my first time working with a sensor that gives a range of data value that encodes for information. How do you approach learning how to use this sensor (and other sensors in general)? Can someone break down for me how one might go about using documentation that a manufacturer of a sensor provides to program that sensor? Is it the manufacturer's job to provide sample code?

Currently I'm reading articles from the 'suggested' reading of this website:

The fact that there's an article on how to use a class of sensor tells me that manufacturers presumes some knowledge from the user. This is news to me :cold_sweat:

Is google broken in your country ?

There are plenty of examples online of working code for the MPU6050.

It is one of the harder, more difficult, I2C sensor devices to work with. Probably the hardest. If you are clueless, try gaining experience with something more at your level.

And keep in mind, the people who make this stuff, aren't making it for "hobbyists". They are making it for companies which manufacture phones and automobiles and other such stuff.