How do you store a microprocessor

How do you store a microprocessor when not using it? I have an electrostatic bag, but I don't believe that I going to do much good with the natural static coming off my body. I do make sure I'm grounded before touching the board.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Electrostatic (the shiny mylar kind I assume you mean) would be fine. It doesn't really matter though, unless you're on a carpet or other area that will produce frequent static buildups on your body.

I work in a lab with tile/wood floors and i hardly ever worry about grounding myself. Its more of a threat to your IC of putting incorrect voltages to the inputs/outputs.

I have my Arduino's/Freeduino's/Boarduino's scattered all over the place as well as spare Atmega168 and 328 chips. Usually keep them in an old plastic takeaway box. Never had any issues.

I think you'd need some serious static problems to cause any damage.