How does 2piece-1set game controller( Wii, Oculus touch, etc..) network?

First, I'm sorry that this question maybe isn't related in this section..

I really want to know how 2piece-1set game controller networks.
Nintendo Wii remote set is actually connected by wire. But in case of Oculus touch
or other VR controllers, they aren't connected physically.

  1. Are they perfectly separated controllers? or
  2. Is there any network connection between them? If you know plz help me.. T.T

You need to post a link the devices you have questions about. We have an Oculus VR headset, but it has wires to the PC.

Oculus touch is one of these controllers what i said.
It consists of two controllers and my question is that whether two controllers are totally independent for each other or not.
If these aren't independent, what is the method of networking? Xbee? Bluetooth? Or another?..