How does one upload a FPGA bitstream to the Arduino Vidor?

I’ve compiled a solution and have received a ttf file from Intel Quartus which is designed for the Vidor 4000 Arduino board. The file represents a synthesized bitstream to be sent to the FPGA. How do I upload the file to the FPGA onboard the VIDOR board? I’ve got a JTAG programmer if necessary.

I saw this tutorial page and it’s kinda like one of those drawing tutorials where the last step is “draw the rest of the owl”, whereas the previous step was “draw two circles”. it says that one can “use the arduino IDE to upload the solution”, but provides no context on how to do so.

After some research, it seems quite simple to upload an image to the Arduino MCU, however if I'm guessing correctly, there is a sketch hidden away somewhere that allows one to send a TTF over UART to the MCU, and the MCU will in turn write the serial information to the EEPROM. More research is needed.

Alright, after work, I finally got to dig into the schematic, and I have found some promising information. On the schematic, it seems that the following pin assignments are used to program the Vidor:

Arduino | FPGA
(PA12/MOSI 2)=><=(H4/Nconfig)
(PA13/SCK 2)=><=(H3/TCK)
(PA14/NSS 2)=><=(J5/TMS)
(PA15/MISO 2)=><=(J4/TDO)
There are other connections to the FPGA as well, namely

(PA6)=><=(F3/Vref B1N0)
(PA16)=><=(F16 / NCEO)
(PA17)=><=(F15 / CLKUSR)
(PA20)=><=(G16 / init done)
(PA21)=><=(G15 / crc_error)
(GCLK)=><=(E2/Diffclk 0P)
(RESET)=><=(E1/Diffclk 0N)