How does the IR library work?

I am new to Arduino. I have used the IR library multiple times. So I got curious and looked at the source code. I wanted to understand how the library actually works. However, I didn't understand 10% of the code.

Could anyone point me in the right direction, where I could find more information as to how the library works.

Thank you.

Which part don't you understand?

The library (IRremote) decodes and generates IR signals as used in consumer devices for remote controls. These devices usually send some patterns modulated on a 38kHz base frequency (to make the signal immune to sun light or other disturbances).

However, I didn't understand 10% of the code.

Not surprising for a beginner. Mature library code usually uses advanced language features.

We strongly recommend that you start by studying the simple examples that come with Arduino, so you can learn the programming language and the special features of Arduino.

There are any number of C/C++ tutorials on line, and you can find the details of any particular language feature that confuses you, by using your favorite search engine.