How does this anemometer work?

On this anemometer, thay claim they do not use brushes or slip rings to get the propeller rpm to the processor. Is it possible they pick the ac pulses up wirelessly?

Is it possible to do the same with an arduino?

Check out the bottom of this pdf manual.


The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller that turns a multipole magnet. Propeller rotation induces a variable frequency signal in a stationary coil. Slip rings and brushes are not used.

The coil would be situated in the assembly where the pot is on page 7 diagram.
The 6pole magnetic disc rotating past the coil will induce pulses in the coil.

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I've seen motor anemometers but I've seen the most simple one,
a simple anemometer just a laser/led reader from inside or outside the center ring reading the speed of the
prop (or any design), getting the actual speed from the center point and diameter of the ring
they calculate the speed of the wind.


Is it possible to do the same with an arduino?

An arduino could process the information but the detection of the signal is largely a function of the mechanical and electronic pickup circuit.

Ohhhhh I got it now! In my brain the wrong parts were moving! I have a pvc version of this but I was stuck trying to figure out how to get the potentiometer and the slip rings to work together. I have some rc motor coils I may try to position on top of the center.

Or, position a hall efect in the center!