How does this work???


I got a starter kit for an Arduino Uno recently and I was wondering how I used the ULN2003 driver board. It's for my 5V Stepper Motor. It has no obvious input/output pins if you're just looking at it. Just saying, but my board has no 1N5, 6 or 7! Is this wrong? (Also, can you take the chip out and recode it? I can't see any marking on it though. No writing or anything.)

(Sorry if I'm being dumb)


Also, I forgot to mention that there is a jumper on 1N3 and 1N4. Thx!

ULN2003 has no code.
You drive an input pin High, the corresponding output pin goes low to sink current to Gnd. That's it.
Acts like a switch between a device and Gnd (low side switch).

I don't know anything about "ULN2003 driver board", maybe not all IO are broken out, or maybe some are connected on parallel for greater drive capability.
Datasheet for the chip:

If you fry the chip: