How extract template of the fingerprint biometric sensor who arduino

Hi peoples.

I have one biometric sensor 305 and i have using with arduino to extract templates. By i don't get grab templates.

I try libraries in python fingerprint-enhancer · PyPI but i don't get. I wanted to know if someone got to extract template with this sensor. If answer go yes, like?

your question is almost not understandable.

You should write a much more detailed description and a much more detailed question in your native language and use google-translate for the translation into english.

Not sure if you have looked at all these google-hits
best regards Stefan

That makes sense. It seems you found a library or utility that is based on Python. Arduino 'speaks' C++.

Have you looked at this? GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library: Arduino library for interfacing to the fingerprint sensor in the Adafruit shop

I look, but i don't get sucess. I see that exists one program to grab picture, but don't find in my windows

As long as ypu provide only such small informations like "I don't get success" Nobody will be able to help you.

I'm not even sure what "I don't get success" means in this case.
If english is not your native language let do google-translate do the translation from your native language to english.

Write down a detailed descirption of what you have tried to do and then translate the text with google-translate.

best regards Stefan

I'm using an adafruit finger print sensor and wanted to extract the binary from the jpeg file included in the sensor's internal database. I've already tried some python libraries that promise to do this service and even a program from ADAFRUIT itself. However, it didn't work. I would like to know if anyone has already managed to do this service

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