How far can the Hc-06 blue tooth can go and can you extend the range of it?

Hello i was wondering if it's possible to figure out the range of the Hc-06 sens it said its on a 2.4ghz from the ebay page i bought it from but doesn't say how far? i know each bluetooth device range is different because of the antenna on it. Also wondering if it can be extended for longer range?

That is a class 2 device so has an output power of 2.5 mW and a range of about 10 metre. If you want greater range you should search for a class 1 device.


I believe I have read that its roughly 30ft or so..

I have played with them off & on before.. but I have never tested the 'range' (per se`)..

never any problems connecting across the rooms or anything..

Thank you. About 30 to 50 ft is where i would like to start from later on maybe have to look into something more with longer range. Maybe something other then bluetooth.