How fast are you?

The other day, while i was playing around with my Uno, i thought “wouldn’t it be cool to find out how fast i can react to a LED?
I started thinking on a little Arduino game to measure my Response Time and it turns out it was actually a lot of fun.

I’m not the best programmer and I had to think a bit to figure a way to do it.
In the end I used some “modes” to keep track of which part of the game we are on. It may not be the most elegant piece of code, but it works. 8)
I would love to know how you would do it…

It works like this:
The game starts when the LED goes out.
Then you just need to wait and when it comes back on you have to press the button.
It will measure how long it took you send the LED came on until you pushed the button.
The results are outputted to the Serial Monitor.
You can see how long was the Waiting time, how long was your Response Time and the Record Time.
And that’s it.

Here is a print screen of the output on the Serial Monitor:

The fastest I got was 152ms. How fast can you be?

Here is the little schematic:

And the code is attached! :wink:

Can someone get under 100ms?

Have fun!!!

ReflexTester.ino (6.93 KB)

Have you tried to program another Arduino to monitor the light and press the switch? :wink:

ahahah! =) Who do you think would win?

The Arduino of course!

It may.. be possible to handicap the duino, but I haven't checked whether it's possible to use 32.768 KHz crystal. :)