How fast can a 4-channel relay module can switch?

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I want to switch my 4-channel relay module on and off quickly to control my active buzzer. Do you know what the switching frequency of the relay modules (the link is below) is? Can I switch the relay with a frequency of 5 or 2 Hz?

Product link:

Thank you in advance.

Try it for yourself and design a small test sketch.

2hz should work but mechanical life of the relay is limited.
Please tell us exactly what you are trying to do.

I try to build a system like a car parking sensor. When a target is getting closer, the frequency will get higher.

A typical Songel relay has a mechanical life of about 105 operations.

Suggest you key the buzzer with a MOSFET or BJT.

If the buzzer is the mechanical type, they create huge amounts of electrical noise, use a sonalert instead.


You can use the active version and toggle it at different rates, or use a passive version and send different frequencies to it.

Thank you for your suggestions. Do you think this relay would be able to operate at 5 Hz?

Yes, for a few hours.

Maybe for some time.

But you aren't hearing everyone saying that running a buzzer with a relay at 2-5 Hz is a dumb idea.


I see all the replies but am trying to get information. Btw, the system will not run a buzzer at 2-5 Hz for hours. The situation rarely occurs. In the normal situation, the buzzer remains silent.

In this kind of situation, I like to consider the wise words of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Paraphrasing slightly:
"You're spending so much time thinking about whether you could, you didn't stop to consider whether you should"

Operate time for a Songle relay is >10ms, release time is >5ms.

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You are failing to provide information.

The relay module is probably not an appropriate way to control a "buzzer" and obviously a four relay module is not sensible unless you already have uses for the other three relays in the module.

But you have failed to cite the buzzer itself which determines the most appropriate way to actually switch it.

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