how good are you???

i can means i can program…


The better I get, the more I realize how much more there is to learn, and in effect, I kind of got relatively worse.

Just a tip to 'the pwnz0r': You are on a global forum, and becuase communication is done without tone a voice, and bodylanguage, you will need to be certain that you use all the tools given to you to express what you want to say.

I read your sentance as 'i can means, i can program...' and translated it into 'I mean I can program'. (Jut so it's said. There is nothing wrong if you do think that. ) But I had to point out that even though you clearly see that sentance as: ' "I can" means "I can program" it is not a given that everyone else sees it that way.' So, my tip will be to use punctuation and grammar in general to your advantage. You maybe loose a second of time when you write your post, but you will get rewarded with replies. :)