How hard is it to compile for El Capitan and up?

With the 2.0 I see the minumum OSX going from 10.10 to 10.14. IMO it is a too big jump.
El Capitan is enabling many schools to run pretty much all software on all Macs they have from 2008 and newer. Teams, Atom, Skype, Cura, all run 10.11 and up.
So please toggle some compile-flags and make it El Capitan compatible. We don't need the fancy-pants Metal stuff and all in a text editor.

Hi @blnkjns. I am very sympathetic with this opinion. I want Arduino to be accessible as possible to everyone, not only to the elites with access to the latest technology.

However, I also understand that sometimes it's necessary to lose some backwards compatibility in order to progress with a software project. Arduino always provides all the previous Arduino IDE versions here:
So at least people will still be able to use it, even if not the latest version.

One thing I would suggest is giving the Arduino IDE 2.x a try with older versions. It is still in the beta development phase and this macOS version specification was only based on the version it was confirmed to work with by the beta testers. It is possible that there is really support for previous versions. I don't know enough on this subject to say what exactly the restrictions would be based on.

I know that the classic Arduino IDE's minimum spec of 10.10 is a hard requirement. from Arduino IDE 1.8.10 and onward. The cause of that particular requirement was a decision made by the developers of the Go programming language, which the arduino-builder software is written in. So Arduino had no control over this. The same might go for some components of Arduino IDE 2.x as well, which is build on many existing professional technologies (e.g., Electron, Eclipse Theia), and thus subject to their own minimum requirements.

Electron also runs on 10.11 (Teams, Atom and such are all Electron based).

It does run in 10.11
Anything to test to see if it hits some limit?

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