How i can join in the Arduino organization? And have certificates too?

Please let us how i can joint in the group and gain certificates to make business in Vietnam.

We have some project and would like to teach for Vietnam students.

I am the beginning person, please support me to do my passion.

Best regards,

Tran Luc

It’s not clear exactly what you’re asking but I think the range of options for joining the organization can be found at these links:

Of course it’s easy enough to join the Arduino community (rather than organization). There are plenty of ways to volunteer your time and knowledge to the project by:

  • Helping answer questions here on the forum.
  • Beta test the hourly or beta builds of the Arduino IDE
  • Submit pull requests or issue reports to the arduino, arduino-libraries, or 3rd party repositories.
  • Publish sketches, libraries, or tutorials you have written

i want to have certificates so that i can develop my project in Vietnam and teach students in Vietnam about small projects.

There are no "set" certificates just for Arduino.

However most teaching positions require some sort of "teaching" qualification so that would be your starting point even though it may not be Arduino related.

A lot of the helpers in here (we are all just volunteers) have other qualifications or experience that crosses over such as programming, hardware development, computer related qualifications etc. from other full time careers.

Not everyone in here has those types of real experience and many are also just interested in the Arduino or similar as a hobby.

We give back to the community where we can and where we may have experience that is relevant to an issue or problem.

Whether or not you need a "certificate" to teach is based on local laws. In the United States, with 50 states, we have, effectively, 50 different laws (there is a commonality to them, so perhaps we really have 10 different laws, but it depends on where you live as to what you need as qualification). For example, in Pennsylvania, I am qualified to teach college level and even teach Master's and PhD programs, but I am not certified to teach elementary school, middle school, or high school. Why? Because the state has laws about the qualifications required for those schools, and possessing a PhD and 60 years of teaching experience are not sufficient. I have to have taken college courses on how to be a teacher from a certified college program.

However, if you are not teaching in a public school, but just offering courses to anyone who is interested, then, once again, it depends on your local laws. I may not call myself a "doctor" or "engineer" or "accountant unless the state has certified me, but I can call myself a "teacher" and teach whatever I want, wherever want, to whomever is willing to pay me, as long as I am not an employee of the public school system. If, however, I am teaching anyone under the age of 18, I am required to have a criminal record check and a background check, to make sure I am not a criminal or child molester. But if I want to open a school, which has one room (probably rented), and teach Arduino programming, there are no laws that prevent me from doing this. But Vietnam may treat "teachers" like U.S. states treat "engineer" or "doctor", and require that you have some certification in the subject you plan to teach. There may be a government exam you have to pass, or you need to provide some evidence as specified by law to prove that you are capable of teaching. To be an "architect", in Pennsylvania, you must pass two 8-hour exams, administered by the state, given a year apart. So it all depends on your local laws. joe