How i can mount a Servo & Shield deprecated? (no instructions)

Hi! the last year I bought a Arduino Inventor Kit in eBay and this included a Arduino Shiled, the problem is the manufacturer company now don't exist and i haven't instructions or planes to mount it. In the circuit board i can read: ProtoTyp & Servo Shield V 1.0

can anyone help me by sending me some instructions or links?

And a Photo:

big photo:


Are those two chip in a tube above the board? What labels do those chips have?

If they are 4017 decade counters you might have (a clone of):

Thanks for your response johnwasser!!

chips labels are different:

  • ULN2003AG
  • 74HC595N - YRD0913

My motherboard is different you link

regards and thank you again :slight_smile:

Very strange. Your "Prototype & Servo Shield" comes with two chips but no specific place to put them.

Your "Prototype & Servo Shield" appears to be just a "Prototype Shield" and appears not to have any specific servo connectors or circuitry. As such, you don't need much in the way of 'directions'. Just put the male pins on the bottom of the board so they mate with the Arduino pins. Then wire your circuits any way you like in the prototype area.

Hi johnwasser! Do you think I can use this to controlling 2 servos? or I need buy a motor shield "original". I think burn my money with this purchase :frowning:

thanks a lot!

Do you think I can use this to controlling 2 servos?

Based on what I can see of your board, there are two spots at the top for soldering pins to plug in two servos; what you'll want to do is figure out where those pins lead...

GND should lead to the Arduino's GND, but the 5V pin should not (in an ideal world) lead to the Arduino's 5V regulator - servos should be supplied by their own power supply, with the current capability to run the servos (budget about 1 amp per servo); the servo (and servo power supply) grounds should be tied to the Arduino's ground.

Those chips you have (and the other parts) lead me to mainly believe that the shield is mainly a prototyping shield; something to play with (mainly LED circuits using the 595 shift register). You could use the ULN2003 to run small DC motors (single direction only - and they have to be pretty small motors). In theory, you could even use the 595 to run servos (you'd need to really understand how servos work - the PPM timing and such - and build your own custom library to control them, but in theory it could be done).

Note also that on your board there are spots for a reset button, LEDs (and current limiting resistors for them) and other parts; you might want to populate those, or leave them out.

or I need buy a motor shield "original". I think burn my money with this purchase :frowning:

You might want to just keep this board as something for the future, and buy an actual motor shield - keep it for later, for when your skills are better, and perhaps when you think you might have something custom you want to build into your own prototyped shield design, for which you can use this board. I don't think you wasted your money - consider it more like an investment for the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all cr0sh and johnwasser, this is my first thread and i received a lot of help. I would like in the future learn more and to can to help other users like me newbies. Sorry for my bad English.
I will go to buy a Arduino Shield.