How i can save string password in eeprom when i change password

i write in eeprom and read but i cant equal the read in eeprom in currunt password

You need to tell us more.

We're good, but not psychic.

You need to post your code.
In code tags.

i can sent code in discord

Let me guess - your password is a String?

At least post the code for


yes its string

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{sigh} Is it a String, or a string ?

It looks to me like it is a String, but I CAN'T SEE YOUR CODE

ok i try to sent my code

In the IDE type Crtl-A to highlight all the code then select Edit | Copy for forum. Then paste into forum post pressing </> button first

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i sent my code

String readStringFromEEPROM(int addrOffset)
  int newStrLen =;
  char data[newStrLen];
  for (int i = 0; i < newStrLen; i++)
    data[i] = + 0 + i);
  data[newStrLen] = '\ 0'; // !!! NOTE !!! Remove the space between the slash "/" and "0" (I've added a space because otherwise there is a display bug)
return String(data);

The array "data" doesn't have an element with the subscript "newStrLen", because the array is only "newStrLen" elements long.

Please, ALWAYS use code tags when posting code here.

you see my problem??1

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you see my problem??!
replay me here icant replay in the other post
i see you reply now what i shloud i do in code?

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I see a problem (the one I already pointed out), but I'm waiting for the code tags, so I can copy and take a closer look at the code.

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i tag the code you can copy it

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void writeStringToEEPROM(int addrOffset, const String &strToWrite)
  byte len = strToWrite.length();
  EEPROM.write(addrOffset, len);
  for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
    EEPROM.write(addrOffset + i, strToWrite[i]);

There's another, very obvious problem here.

Maybe you can use your enforced timeout to figure it out (it's a mirror-image of one in the read-from- EEPROM function) - it's hard to understand how you arrived at a couple of hundred lines of code, when this simple subsystem was untested

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