How I change GPRS as a WIFI hot spot

I doing my project in NODEMCU with GPRS(GSM), my NodeMCU need a Wifi to connect so I plan to Use my GPRS(GSM) for tethering a HOTSPOT for my NodeMCU is it Possible Plz Help me for this anyone, Thanks in Advance

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If you're going to post the same question all over the internet then please be courteous enough to provide links to the other places you posted it so people don't waste their time answering you with things you have already been told.

Of course, you can configure even a basic smartphone (which supports tethering) to provide a wifi hotspot (access point). That wifi hotspot could then be accessed by your node MCU (ESP8266 wifi device). Is that enough for you, or do you want to build your own wifi hotspot using a GSM/GPRS module and a wifi access point ? Or do you simply need internet access via a GSM/GPRS module because that could be achieved without a wifi enabled arduino (e.g. Uno would do)

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