How I got Arduino Nano driving my TFT display ST7736 128x128 5401105 74HD245D

There seem to be a lot of these around, but no clear instructions for hooking them up and using them.
The chip on the back says this:
L2K2C0 07

The pinouts with headers are; VCC GND GND NC NC LED CLK SDI RS RST CS
There are unsoldered headers too 1-RST 2-CS 3-D/C 4-DIN 5-CLK 6-VCC 7-LED 8-GND

The package it came in said 1.44 Arduino IC: ST7736 128x128 SKU QDM144SPINT7735RA Barcode 6013801144020 one one side, and 19/6 24/50 5401105 9FM06-05-0102 on the back.

The pin in it labelled “RS” is equivalent to pins named CD, DC, D/C, RS, or A0 on other devices.

Wire it as follows (TFT => Arduino Nano):

CLK => D13
SDI => D11
RS => D9
CS => D10
RST => D8
LED => 220ohm => +5v

Declare it in your code like this:-
#include “Ucglib.h”

Ucglib_ST7735_18x128x160_SWSPI ucg(/sclk=/ 13, /data=/ 11, /cd=/ 9 , /cs=/ 10, /reset=/ 8);

And you’re good to go!

Demo code and photos attached.

TFT_Play3.ino (592 Bytes)


Thanks to help from these guys who lead me to the answer:

// Works - CND - 20160209 - The "RS" pin is the same as the "cd=" one.

#include <SPI.h>
#include "Ucglib.h"

Ucglib_ST7735_18x128x160_SWSPI ucg(/*sclk=*/ 13, /*data=*/ 11, /*cd=*/ 9 , /*cs=*/ 10, /*reset=*/ 8);

void setup(void)

void loop(void)
  ucg.setColor(255, 255, 255);
  //ucg.setColor(0, 255, 0);
  ucg.setColor(1, 255, 0,0);
  ucg.print("Hello World!");


Are you getting the correct color, rotation and scrolling?