How I wire four electret microphones into arduino?

How I wire four electret microphones into arduino? I already amplified theses micros with opamp


I already amplified theses micros with opamp

You probably need to post a schematic drawing of your opamp circuit. Microphone audio is AC in nature and can't be read directly with an analog input pin as negative voltages are not allowed. There needs to be some kind of DC offset to keep the audio signal within the 0-+5vdc range of the A/D conversion.

Also you should state what you want the Arduino to do with the Audio signal it reads, as reading such a signal asynchronously is a rather random value not reflective of much more then that some random signal is present or not.


If you can adjust the opamp outputs so they output 1 volt peak-to-peak (1 Vpp), then you can apply a DC bias to raise the output above the zero volt level, and feed them into the analog input port; see here for some more detail (and google "arduino audio input" while you're at it!):

/btw - why is it that people don't use google anymore?


so, I want do something like that but I need four mic wired in arduino.

I want detect x and y coordinates where sound hit on a target

something like that


I am not sure what the problem is - the website you reference has a link to a PDF that shows the circuit the guy built (or at least a version of it), that is connected to an analog input on a PICAXE. Build that same circuit four times, and connect each output to an analog input on the Arduino. You may need to study the guy's pictures on his website to try to reverse engineer his changes (he states he no longer has it on a breadboard - it would've been nice had he re-drawn the schematic noting his changes - oh well)...

thx man, I will try....