How interchangeable are arduino uno pins?

I'm using an arduino uno to read from SD and output a PWM song. It's using pins 9-13. 9 is the output while 10-13 are ss, mosi, miso and sck. I also need to use a transceiver on it. The transceiver I'm looking at is the RFM12B. I'm looking at the guide from and he wants to use the same pins 10-13 to control the transceiver. My question is, can I use both at the same time? If so, how? I'm hoping those pin names don't mean anything and that the pins can be interchanged if the code is changed. I've only just started using arduino a few weeks ago and I've never used an MCU before.


It turns out you're in luck and there's only one pin you need to define differently.

These are the hardware SPI pins (link to wikipedia entry for SPI) for the Arduino. This is a serial protocol that has 3 lines common to all SPI devices, and a unique SS pin for each SPI device on the bus.

While the two you are using default to the same SS pins, from the comments of one of the example

// By default the SPI-SS line used is D10 on Atmega328. 
You can change it by calling .SetCS(pin) where pin can be {8,9,10}

So that library includes a method of defining the SS line to something other than D10 to allow that module co-exist nicely with other SPI devices.

Cheers ! Geoff