How is BLENotify's default descriptor written to?

Hi Everyone, please can you help me out here,

BLECharacteristic testing ("FFF6", BLEWriteWithoutResponse | BLENotify | BLERead, 16);

"BLENotify" above, causes 1 descriptor to be created, i.e., UUID: 0x2902, Value: 00-00 Notifications and indications disabled.

The following code successfully adds a 2nd descriptor which is indeed enabled...

byte myValue[2] = {01, 00};

BLEDescriptor enable_notifications("2902", myValue, 2);


2nd descriptor... UUID: 0x2902, Value: 01-00 Notifications enabled.

Question: how can the default descriptor (the one created via BLENotify) have its value written to so that it becomes 01-00?

See here: Feature Request... Option To Set CCCD Value

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