How is the maximum temperature of Arduino board ?

Hello All , i'am studying for a project that will be in our car's accessoires shops, the main idea of it ,is about lock , unlock, and more functions for the car , it will be by android applictaion and Arduino UNO (with BlueTooth sheild )

Now there are two questions
first , what is the maximum temperature can Arduino bord loads? so the board will be surely in the car , and in our hard weather (saudia arabia) the temperature of the Arduino board will be very high ! (sometimes temperature up to 55c)
is that temperature causes problems for Arduino ?

Second, this Arduino will works maybe for 24\7 hours\days , is there any problem about that ?

Thank You Very Much.

The ATmega328P processor datasheet says:

  1. Electrical Characteristics
    28.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings*
    Operating Temperature.................................. -55°C to +125°C
    Storage Temperature ..................................... -65°C to +150°C

Thank You very much mr.johnwasser , you gave me the answer .

second answer left :slight_smile:

That's only the processor.
Also have to consider the USB/Serial chip, the 5V & 3.3V voltage regulators, the op amp, the power-switching FET, the LEDs, the crystal and resonator.
So its more than just 1 chip.

I guess the bottleneck is electrolytic capacitors on board.

Standard inexpensive consumer-grade electrolytic capacitors are rated for 85 °C maximum working temperature.

wiki electrolytic capacitors

to increase working temperature, u need hardware mod, replace electrolytic capacitors to non electrolytic capacitors, means capacitors has same size of arduino and cost same or high than arduino. You get what u pay for.

Plan B.

Arduino Operating Temperature.................................. ?273.15°C to 500 °C

put Arduino into modify toaster, and it will working at -55°C or even lower.

for +125°C or higher, u need Thermoelectric effect device.

Thermoelectric effect wiki

Arduino Operating Temperature.................................. ?273.15°C to 500 °C

Could be hard on battery life tho :fearful:

Standard inexpensive consumer-grade electrolytic capacitors are rated for 85 °C maximum working temperature.

Since the goal was 55°C the capacitors shouldn't be a problem.

Does anyone know of a component on the Arduino UNO that can't stand a 55°C operating temperature?

55C is only 131F, I think cars can get much hotter than that sitting in the sun during the summer.
Most commercial electronics are rated 0C to 70C (158F).
If the ambient air temp is that high and then power is applied, the electronics can be even higher.

Caps like might be found on the Arduino input power pins
47uF, 25V,

are good for 1000 hrs at 85C (41 days)
so a summer spent baking in the sun might shorten their life.

Electrolytic Capacitors will decline capacitance at low temperature, at –40 °C could be 20% -40% decline, for power supply filter application might be OK. but still need count at the design.

for people like Thermoelectric effect device route

Amazon has answer:

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I suspect the arduino will work OK inside a car, but watch out for crayons. :wink:



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As my knowledge the temperature should -45°C to 148°C.

"-45°C to 148°C"

That temperature range is for ... ?

The '328P-PU is offered in
(-40?C to 85?C)

The '328P-PN is offered in
(-40?C to 105?C)

The '328P-15AZ is offered in
(-40?C to 125?C)