How is the microcontroler connected to BLE module (NINA B306) in NANO33 BLE


I was checking the schematic of the NANO 33 BLE:

and was wondering how the ublox NINA B306 was connected to the micro ? I see the NINA-B3X block on the top left but do not see any data link so i went curious and wonder how it s connected (and how did you figure it out) ?


The nRF52840 microcontroller of the Nano 33 BLE is inside the NINA-B306 module. If you took off the metal shield on the module, you would see the microcontroller and a few passive components. So essentially the NINA-B306 and the microcontroller are one and the same. This is a bit different from the Arduino boards like the Nano 33 IoT which use the NINA-102 module only for WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities, which running the user's program on a separate ATSAMD21G18A microcontroller.

I see the NINA-B3X block on the top left but do not see any data link

That block is just showing the power connections.

Ahhh i m so stupid....I did not realize that the micro controller used in the board is the one on the nina module. I thought the one of the nina was only used for BT communication and there was another micro on the board (the one i program on with the IDE).

I understand now.... This board "main" micro controller is the one included in the nina module....make sense !

Thx a lot for clarifying that :wink:

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!