How long did your arduino take to arrive? (RS)

I recently bought an arduino mega(Last week) from RS components, It was in stock when I ordered it and now apparently the next delivery is the third of December, joy. Its a tad annoying.. 28 days left >:( yay..

Well that stinks.
If you live in the US I think Adafruit has the fastest shipping possible.

I've had good luck with Lady Ada's shipping.

RS has some Arduinos in stock, like the Uno and Duemilanove. You could order one of them.

My Uno arrived the next day from RS - They're usually very reliable, I think you were unlucky - the new boards are probably very popular

Cancel your order on the basis that they have failed to supply and go elsewhere.

Well the first time i ordered mine... i waited for a month.... sometimes there is sudden surge in demand and people run out of stock in no time... it happens.. and then reordering takes time... atleast a week to 15 days...