How long will a servo drive live when connected directly to the controller

Hi i am new to arduino. I have a Feetech FS90 servo that will fire 100mAh and a 2000mAh battery. I also have a p-channel key which I am not using yet.

My question is how long can my servo be off when the controller is running. My goal is to make a project in which the servo will turn once in a lifetime, but before that the battery should not run out for at least a month. Will I be able to do this without using a p-channel key, or will I still have to use it?

Have you measured the servo idle current?

There are two types of this part. A normal servo, so that angle through which it will turn is limited to 120 degrees. And a continuously rotating version, whose only form of control is to set the speed.
I would have thought neither of those would do what you want.

Ever thought how you would test this?

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What is your application?
If we know what you are aiming to do, we could possibly offer other solutions.

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