How long will Arduino 2560 have a loader with a landmine to train wreck us?

Ok, on the MANY topics with 2560 loader timeouts with dude 5.11

Tha absolutely silliest most embarrassing you deserve to go out of business bug is the
triple exclamation in my code bug.

Which is NOT fixed by 1.05
NOT fixed by version *dude5.11
STILL in the 2560 card boot loader.

What is this? 3 hex “21” in a row in your code and the loader goes catatonic.
How likely is that? In a 100k byte file (like mine), with random bytes, there is a 1% chance
it will have 3 21’s in a row. If you compile a 100 times (like me), you will probably hit the bug.
(like me).

It is embarrassingly easy NOT to send the loaded the KNOWN FATAL LANDMINE SEQUENCE.
It is embarrassingly easy to remove such a ridiculous landmine sequence from the loader.
Ridiculously easy for the system to DETECT and DIAGNOSE the condition.

But much more fun to fail silently and laugh at your customers and colleagues?

No one deserves this .

Yes, well sometimes things are slow to be updated.

However the bootloader can be upgraded as described here (you need a spare Uno or Mega2560 or similar):

I just tested this sketch and it uploaded and ran OK:

void setup ()
  Serial.begin (115200);
  Serial.println ();
  Serial.println ("Hello, world!!!");
  Serial.println ("But does it get goat's blood out?");
  }  // end of setup

void loop () { }

It also fixes the watchdog timer problem.

I submitted a report:

You can always add your own comments. :)

This is a old bug which was submitted a few years ago.

The problem was in the bootloader burned in the Atmega2560, just upgrading the IDE is NOT sufficient to solve the problem, you must upgrade the bootloader on the CPU using an AVR ISP programmer or similar.

The patch, with some discussion is here:

The updated firmware is available in your Arduino installation or here:

Have you actually tested this? I tried the file from the 1.0.5 release (discussed in this thread) without success.