how many digital IO I can use in Ethernet shield

what I mean is -
I have a project that require 9 digital inputs and use of Ethernet (keypad-7 ,Led-1,Button-1)
from what I know, if I'm using Arduino Ethernet board I have 9 digital but I can't use pins 0,1,2 (the Ethernet use them)

my question is - if I'm using Arduino Uno(that have 13 digital I\O) and also Ethernet shield, will I still have 13-3=10 digital I\O to use?

hope my question is understood...

Thanks ,

I have just saw that I can use a keypad (that require 7 digital pins) ,with some resistors so I can use only 1 analog pin instead
would you say it better? I understand that the code will be longer and little complex , but is it a good idea?