how many LEDs & sensors per Arduino...?


noobie here.

I'm interested in working on a small interactive LED panel about 1x2feet in size. I'm wondering how many LEDs and sensors can one Arduino board handle?

thanks for your time.

It depends.

Wikipedia: Charlieplexing Multiplexing

Playground: Multiplexing LED Matrix Charlieplex library

You also need to beware that refreshrate and general speed will be dependant on which method you choose.

With pretty easy additional circuitry the number is unlimited.

Like the others say, it depends on what kind of sensors.

Unless you multiplex, you're quite limited to the number of leds you can use.

If you want "fade functionaly", you've got 6 PWMs on the standard arduino leaving you with a further 6-7 digital outputs for "on/off" leds.

You also have a seris of analog inputs (5?), however, most range scanners require PWM or digital. Sometimes a mixture of both.

I'd seriously consider a multiplexer, it took me no longer than ten minutes to get up and running with a TLC (hit search)