How many mA does my desrvo draw?

Hi, I'm wondering how I can find out how many mA my Servo is drawing. I'm trying to power multiple servos at a time so i'm trying to figure out what i should do for externally powering them.

I looked on the site i bought it from but didn't see that information posted.

here's the link:

any suggestions?

You could hook them up to a beefy power supply running at the voltage you need, and measure the current flowing on the positive or negative rail (using a multimeter inserted inline with the rail, set to current measurement - start with the 10A settings). You could also insert a small resistor inline (the smaller the better - under 100 ohms; and it should be a power resistor of some kind) and measure the voltage drop across it, then use Ohm’s Law to calc the current…

Different servos draw different amounts of current. And the amount of current they draw depends on whether they're starting from a standstill and how much friction the servo arm is encounter.

The max current the servo will draw is encountered when the arm of the servo cannot move. That is called the stall current.

I don't have a list of stall currents for servos, but here are scopes of peak currents for several different types of servos:

The ones with the lowest peak currents are micro or sub-micro servos. The highest ones are larger servos. These peak current tests are based on making small movements... which is like starting from a standstill repeatedly. So your power supply should probably be able to supply at least this much.

I'm running two sub-micro servos in my project and based on these tests I decided to use a power supply capable of delivering 1.5A, just to be safe.