How many processors?


I'm pretty sure it just has the single Cortex M0+

but they may be talking about using the WiFi/BT controller as its own processor too. That's what it sounds like.

Yeah, looks like the second processor is a reference to ESP32 of WiFiNINA

In that case shouldn't they refer to it as a triple core? I mean the ESP32 is a dua-core + the Cortex M0+
Sounds really nice for such a small board but I wonder if the ESP32 has its PSRAM and how many GPIO if any it has access to.
I think I'd rather set an ESP32 and a Nano clone together in a project.

Why? Have a look at the SAMD21 on the MKRWiFi1010 and Nano 33 IoT. It is a really nice low power 32-bit microcontroller. I think it is a worthy replacement for the Nano.

The ESP32 is not used by the user sketch directly. It handles the WiFi and BLE stack.

I'm not downing the board. I am downing the hack that restasks the WiFi cores for other stuff.
For a straight WiFi/BT Arduino this board is pretty sweet.

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