how many servo's?


I'm new so I will first introduce myself a bit.

my name is Jacar (its spanish) I live in Holland, I'm 17 years old and interested in the arduino Duemilanove for 3 advanced projects.

offcourse I will start easy (with a starter set and all, found one for a nice price)

but I would like to know how many servo's U could directly contorl using the Duemilanove, or do I need to make/design/buy a shield?

lets say for 3, 12 and 18 (for an hexapod, varying in complexity)

regards Jacar

The answer seems to be 12 sevos, unless you go with the Arduino Mega.

Keep in mind that you should power the servo's with their own external +5vdc power, not the power from the Arduino board as they draw too much current to allow that.