How many volts are required on an atmega328?

Hello people! I am trying to figure out how many volts is needed to power an atmega328 with a 16mhz crystal and 2 22pf caps. Any help?


Just 3.8V

Officially: 3.8v
Realistically: 100% of jeenodes run happily at 16MHz on 3.3v. That does violate the datasheet however.

Unless you're running off a battery source and trying to conserve power there's really no reason to push the lower limits. If you're using a DC wall wart, I'd recommend going above the 3.3V for sure and probably even above 3.8V. If you're using a battery than maybe go down to the 3.8V or 3.3V if you really need to push the power requirements.


Thanks for the recent replies everyone. So, can I use a coin cell to power the atmega?

Yes, for a little while anyway ...

Can I use a coin cell battery on the atmega 328p?

3V? Yes, for a little while anyway. Connect to the 5V pin.

220mAH won't last long, compared to 2200-2500mAH AA or Li Ion battery.

12V Yes, for a little less while, will waste a lot of capacity as heat regulating it down to 5V.