How many ways to set address on the same devices has the same address???

Hi everyone I’m newbie for programming,And then now is the first time to use this forum,If I do somethings wrong or you have confused about my questions or other pls don’t serious and give me to the right way.

I’m Thai u can tech me everything,I mean include about how to say in English.

Okay back to this main.I wanna know about How to set address to the same devices for now I used MCP3425A0,That sure I used two MCP3425A0 that have fixed from factory when I check device’s address this code:

#include <Wire.h>

void setup(void)
Serial.println(“The MCP3422 and MCP3426 use I2C address 0x68, all other devices can be”);
Serial.println(“configured to use any address in the range 0x68 - 0x6F (inclusive).”);
Serial.println(“Be aware that the DS1307 uses address 0x68.”);

for (uint8_t add = 0X0; add < 0X80; add++) {
//Serial.print("Trying ");
Wire.requestFrom(add, (uint8_t)1);
if (Wire.available()) {
Serial.print(“Found device at: 0x”);
Serial.println(add, HEX);

void loop(void)

That shown me :

Found 0x3F (for LCD 16*2)
Found 0x61 (for MCP4725)
Found 0x68 (for MCP3425)

So that seen MCP3425 is the same but me wanna use difference address pls give me for help

Thank you

Bset Regard

ListDevices.ino (655 Bytes)

Use an I2C multiplexer, for example the PCA9547.

Okay.Thank you I'll learn about that device (PCA9547) .

And who known for other ways to using I2C in other type,Pls let's me know and share for knowledge to another.

Then for now.I can used SoftwareWire library for use for saperate MCP3425A0 to Arduino that WORK! Arduino can shown detected devices from register 0x68 but it shown 2 devices in the same register I not sure that may error about the data in this register??? I don't know who known about that pls tell me.

So now I test to check devices connect the same my code on posted.ListDevices. and then I'll design Code for make my own Electronic load haha but I'm not know about electronic and electrical circuits and another functions everyone you can let's me know if you can or you wanna do that :)

Okay thank you to pylon again And who know anything else pls reply!!

Best regard SPT